About Us

The Centre for Workers’ Management (CWM) has been imagining the future of the trade union movement since 1990. Originating in the trade union movement, CWM connects directly to working people and their organisations across the country and thereby has a critical insight into the challenges that the working class is faced with. We bring together the intuitive understanding of working people from their day-to-day experience along with an intellectual analysis of the changing world of work to collectively develop an alternative narrative.

Who Are We
We are a labour think-tank dedicated to ideas of progress and building class consciousness.
We are a not-for-profit organisation working with workers and their organisations across the country.
We embrace debate and difference and the philosophy that progressive social change can only be advanced through empirical, iterative engagement.

We Aim To Promote

  • Equity in power, income and opportunity, irrespective of gender, caste, religion
  • Collective action and international solidarity
  • Industrial democracy and defense of core labour rights
  • Sustainable development and Accountability

What We Do


on the world of work and policy relating to it


labour news, analysis and opinion

Worker Education

on labour law, policy, organisational leadership skill

Worker Exchange

for building solidarity across borders

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