Intern @ CWM

CWM accepts students from universities and colleges as interns based on their suitability, availability and location to work on labour laws and issues affecting different sections of workers.  Interns are paid a daily rated stipend of Rs. 700 per working day.

How to apply

Internships is time bound. Applicants are requested to send in their resume and application to us through an email to The application must mention the start and end date of internship, the reason for applying to CWM and the area of work in which they wish to do their internship. Assignments at CWM are of two types – research based and education related. Applicants can choose to work in any of these areas, and we try to place as much as possible to the area of interest of the student, depending on available of assignment and suitability of the candidate.

What can you do at CWM

While at CWM, interns are given an orientation about the labour movement in the country and the changing dynamics in the world of work.  

Interns are expected to submit a copy their dissertation paper and make a presentation to the supervisor at the end of the internship. The supervisor will complete any evaluation procedure required by the institution where the intern comes from.